AWS SQS Service Case Study: BMW

💠 SQS provides two types of message queues →

  1. SQS Standard Queue → It provides maximum throughput, at-least-once delivery, Message Sampling, and batching.
  2. SQS FIFO Queue → It is designed to make sure that messages are forwarded exactly one time, in order that they are sent to the queue.

💠 Benefits of Using SQS →

  • Eliminates administrative overhead → SQS is fully managed service provided by aws in which no role of administrator came in play again and again. This is possible because once you create the queue, behind the scene aws managed all the backend services need to keep uptime and high availability of this service.
  • Reliable delivery messages → SQS can deliver the message of any volume with maximum throughput, without losing messages or requiring other services to be available.
  • Keep sensitive data secure → You can use SQS provided by AWS to exchange sensitive data between applications using server-side encryption (SSE) to encrypt each message body. It also has the facility to integrate with aws key management allows you to centrally manage the keys that protect SQS messages.
  • Scale elastically and cost-effectively → It provides no limit on the number of messages per queue so if the messages are more then it scale-out automatically and scale-in. This whole process is managed by the AWS engineers.
  1. EMS
  2. NASA
  3. BMW
  4. CapitalOne
  5. Change Healthcare

💠 Now let’s BMW case study (How BMW getting benifits using aws SQS.)

Challenge Solved of BMW using AWS →



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